Wish I could give 10 stars to be honest. From my very first appointment to find my dress to my alterations, the staff has gone above and beyond. Finding the right dress was perfect, never felt rushed or pressured. I have one more fitting appointment before the big day, but these have gone so smooth and the staff is super knowledgeable 💖 so glad we found here and now Bridal!!!!


“I’m dressed!”
“Hi, I’m Brittany, that’s my name”
That was the moment I knew I was in good hands.
Her sass and her personality made me comfortable right away, because the stuffy bridal studio experiences I had before were off putting , and her vibe was just contagious. I was able to let my guard down and get into the whole experience a lot more. Mid appointment I had a family emergency and the ladies here jumped into action, finding me the first appointment of the next day, and even left my top choices in the dressing room so that I could come back in the morning. Then the next day, everything that went wrong did, but they were so awesome and reassuring and it made me feel way better about everything that I had going on, and eventually I was able to say yes to both of my dresses! The dress I ended up with was the first dress Brittany pulled for me, and even my reception dress was the second one she had me try. Definitely felt like my preferences were listened to and their prices can’t be beat! 🖤


My experience at Here & Now Bridal was amazing! Jan was great at picking dresses that suited my taste and made it a very stress-free and fun experience! This was my first time trying on wedding dresses and I wasn’t expecting to leave with THE dress but I did and am in love! Thank you Jan for making this experience a memorable and fun for my mom and I!



I had the best experience at Here and Now Bridal! I scheduled three dress appointments at different stores and ended up canceling my other two after finding the perfect dress here. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and it was the best experience!



I can not say enough great things about my experience at Here & Now Bridal. From the second we walked into the studio, we all felt so welcome! Our consultant, Meghan, was absolutely amazing! It was my first time ever trying on wedding dresses and she was amazing at pulling all different types of dresses to try. She did such a great job that I was torn between 2 totally different dresses! She gave me her advice and was so nice and helpful throughout the entire process. She even encouraged I take a break and think about it/look at the photos and come back, which was just what I needed! I said yes to the dress at my first ever bridal appointment, which is something I wasn't expecting at all! I couldn't believe the huge selection they have and the prices are unbeatable! I couldn't be happier with my experience or my purchase!


Jessica was absolutely amazing! I was so indecisive on what I thought I wanted and she was so patient with me. She spent more time with me than my appointment was supposed to be for. At the end I was confused and thought I was leaving without a dress, but she said let me pull one more that's different from anything else you've tried on. The one she pulled was THE dress and I said YES to the dress! I cannot thank her enough for everything! This boutique is so comfortable and not overwhelming like others I've been too. They have an amazing selection of gowns for an incredible price. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


-Eric & Karen

Had the best experience here! I found the perfect dress and was able to return to this same location for my alterations. I loved that option because I felt like the seamstress really knew and cared about my wedding gown. I went on a Friday afternoon to look for dresses and this was such a great idea since we were the only ones in the salon. I truly feel like I got a one of a kind dress for a great price!